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Hey there! The ORSETTO collection is created by various artists from around the globe. Inspired by our sweet old friends, this teddy bear collection is here to make your NFT portfolio more sentimental and fun. Each ORSETTO will be a limited edition, depending on the artwork, and its concept between 1 – 25 editions. In addition to the ORSETTO master in NFT, the owner will receive a unique 1/1 registered print version and certificate of authenticity. Every year, few editions will be selected by our great artists to be displayed in the main squares of big cities. The first exhibitions are planned to take place in Vienna and Berlin.

We are ORSETTO the cutest art collection directly from your best childhood memories to the NFT space. Powered by artèQ

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A digital Bear for those who care.


The ORSETTO collection was thought to awaken our most genuine feelings toward mother nature. The artists have dedicated the collection to support certified projects engaged in reducing CO2 footprints and protecting endangered species. Each digital art sold will put the best conservation science into action right against climate change and other pressing threats of our time.


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    A digital Bear for those who care.